How to Install the Banner Post

  1. Open the banner to full length and place it on the ground where it will be installed.

  2. Slide the strike plate (black metal square ring) onto the stake and slide both (stake with the strike plate) into the bottom of the post. Note: The bottom is the end with two holes that measure 1" and 3" from from the bottom.

  3. Line up the slot in the stake with the holes in the post. Then, place the snapper pin into the top hole at the bottom of the post (3" from the end). This attaches the post and stake together and allows the stake and slide inside the post.

  4. Place the posts on both sides of the the banner about 2" - 4" beside the banners edge. Be sure the stakes and front holes are facing or angled in the direction the banner will be facing.

  5. Keep the stake point on the ground at the bottom edge of the banner and lift the top of the post straight up (at 90 Degrees to the ground). Insert the stake into the ground by lifting (hammering) the outer post into the ground in an up/down motion. The Post will hit the strike plate driving the stake into the ground.

  6. When both posts are in the ground, place the eye bolts with a wing nut into the top hole on the posts, making sure the holes on the poles are aligned with the banner size. Note: 4' banners will be in the hole directly above the snapper pin holding the stake in place. 3' banners will be in the hole above that, and so forth.

  7. Loosely insert zip ties into the eye bolts and grommet holes at each corner of the banner before tightening or stretching the banner taught.

  8. To remove the banner, simply cut the zip ties and lift the EZ Hammer Post out of the ground. Then, insert the snapper pin through the bottom stake hole (1" from the bottom). This secures the stake and the Hammer Post together and disables the sliding mechanism.

Important Note

The Snapper Pin is placed in the hole 3" from the bottom of the post for installing the product into the ground. Then it is moved to the hole 1" from the bottom of the post to lock the hammer post and stake together (for transporting and reducing theft).