How to Install the  Signature Sign Post

  1. The Bolt and Star-Knob stays in place to secure the arm to the post

  2. Place the slide stride plate (black metal Square ring) onto stake and slide both (stake w/strike plate) into bottom of hammer post (end with two holes 1" and 3" from bottom).

  3. Line up slot in stake with holes in post and place snapper pin into top hole at bottom of the hammer post (3" from end of post) to attach the post and stake. This allows the stake to slide inside the post.

  4. Keep the stake point on the ground and lift the post into position. Install the stake into the ground by lifting and hammering the outer post in an up and down motion into the ground.

  5. After the stake is halfway in the ground, stand back, look, and adjust the angle to ensure that the hammer post is straight. Then, finish hammering into the ground (using the same up and down motion as described in step 4).

  6. Lift the arm to align holes at the base (beginning) of the arm and post. Then, slide the snapper pin through the holes to secure the arm in an upright position.

  7. The Ryder clips are secured with eye bolts and can be positioned in various holes in the arm to fit any width sign.

  8. To remove, simply lift the hammer post out of the ground. The snapper pin should be moved the the bottom hole on the post (1" from the bottom). This secures the hammer post and the stake together and avoid the stake from stake from sliding.

Important Note

The Snapper Pin is placed in the hole 3" from the bottom of the post for installing the product into the ground. Then it is moved to the hole 1" from the bottom of the hammer post to lock the post and stake together (for transporting and reducing theft).