Our Large Silhouette Target comes with a patented self-contained stake system that installs in any soil / terrain in just seconds without any hammers or tools. AR500 steel gives visual and audible confirmation of hits w/out having to walk out and look at target. Silhouette is powder coat painted on 3/8" AR500 Steel and is designed to withstand repeated hits from all calibers of rifles and handguns without leaning or falling over yet it can be moved / removed in just seconds. AR500 steel targets are rated for all calibers of handguns (@10yds) and rifles (@100yds.) up to 3,000 F.P.S.

Available in different styles

Prairie Dog Silhouette 12"x6"

Turkey Silhouette  11"x10"

Squirrel Silhouette  11"x10"

Large Man Silhouette  9"x15"


AR500 Large Silhouette's with stand